Deskjet Printers

The All in One, multi-featured printers that guarantees to meet most of your printing needs, is the DeskJet Printer Series. The added feature of supreme connectivity across bands through Bluetooth, WIFI at the expense of the nuisance of tangling wires, surely is worth the mention. One can also print, copy, fax, scan at will.

Deskjet 2130

Deskjet 3630

Deskjet 3634

Officejet Printers

Speedy quick printing in a compact module, that is the Office Jet Printer Series for you. It also comes  in various models.
Office Jet Printers to meet the needs of the business in today’s market.

Officejet 4620

Officejet 5740

Officejet 7510 …

Envy Printers

If Compact is your need of the hour,  the Envy Series Printer is surely your dream come true Printer. Yielding a frame enviable to all printers out there, the Envy Printers are small yet the sturdiest printers in the market and can fit the most compact workplaces you can imagine. The printer series comes in various models each with added features specific to the model.

Envy 4500

Envy 5544

Envy 5660 …

OfficejetPro Printers

Crafted exclusively and especially to make your business needs simpler. Affordable, professional yet heavy performance all in one compact package, that’s the OfficeJet Pro Family.

It includes the guarantee of two sided super quick high quality prints, printing accessibility from all devices (Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops) all at an amazingly efficient rate per print.

OfficejetPro 8600

OfficejetPro 6835

OfficejetPro 8720

Hp E-Print Setup

If you need to print something urgently and find yourself nowhere close to an actual printer, then ePrint is just what one needs. Through a secure cloud based service, you can print  from anywhere with an active internet connection. All that you have to do is email the document/image to your printer’s custom email address, and voila your printer is now ready to print.

Hp 123 Air Print

Got an important document to print from your Apple IOS device, and find it literally impossible to always have an USB around?! Not to worry, AirPrint is just the fit for you. Connect your device on a wireless network to your printer, and print straight from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Easy and convenient prints are just a click away.


Now print your documents and photos securely from your desktop, mobile or any network connected device through Google’s free service platform called Google Cloud Print. Best part of the feature is avoiding any extra app or software download. All that is needed is a Google Chrome Browser and an active Gmail Account, and your print is just a few clicks away.


The Wireless Direct print feature allows you to securely print documents from all WIFI supporting devices to printers having WIRELESS Direct activated. Works very similar to that of a printer working on the Bluetooth but with the added advantage of covering superior distances at much faster speeds.


Connect your device (Desktop, Tab or Mobile) to your printer over a common Wi-Fi connection, and get your documents printed faster than ever before. All this, without the limitation of needing a connecting wire, at your disposal. Go Wire free Go Wi-Fi!!


Printers can serve both home printing and also business requirement with high demand.These printers can assist in complicated functions,it is trendy and stylish so they compliment the environment. To make the software update and the installation process easy visit printerdriversetup .
You can  fit the Printer into the any work or office space since it is man-portable. Most of the printers are also multi-functional, a single device can provide the three different functionalities. Those multi-functional printers are also referred as All-in-one printer printer series it can scan, copy and fax the documents and pictures.
These printers can print nearly 10 color pages and 20 black and white pages per minute, it can hold 100 pages in memory for faxing purpose and it can send a fax within 5 seconds. It is user friendly and provides techniques to increase the user’s productivity.
They are designed with handy controls and touch screens on the display. The affordable price and all the additional features makes the top in their market.

Printer Driver Installation

Based on the models available, and on the mode of connectivity between the printer and the device from which you have to print, the basic printerdriversetup installation of printers varies. Prior to any of the afore mentioned installations, it is necessary to check the installation requirements of each printer  and delete any previously installed printer versions from Windows.

 USB Printer Setup

  • First, check if your Windows Operating System meets the requirements of the printer.
  • Next, ensure your printer is on steady ON position.
  • Then, uninstall all previously installed versions on your Windows.
  • Now, collect the updated software and driver specific for your printer from us and install it using our user guides.
  • Then, connect the USB cable between the printer and your device when the installer prompts you during setup.
  • During installation, the installer will prompt you to choose the needed printer connection option, select the USB option and proceed with the printerdriversetup .
  • After installation, try to print, fax or scan based on your printers’ functionality.

 Wireless Setup Wizard

  • First, make sure you have an accessible network connection during the printerdriversetup process, with a known password to connect your printer and device.
  • Then,  verify the requirements needed in your printer and confirm the uninstall of previously installed printer versions from your device.
  • Next, choose the wireless network connection using the printer control panel and connect the printer to the same.
  •  In case the wireless network is not listed among the given list of networks, you can add the network manually and establish a connection.
  • If network connection issue still persists, check the entered details with the help of printerdriversetup such as wireless network name and password are entered correctly.

 Wireless Connect

  • First, ensure that you have uninstalled  all the prior printer versions with printerdriversetup .
  • Then, make sure that your printer is on a steady ON position.
  • Ensure you are using Windows Vista(or higher) or Mac OS X 10.5(or higher).
  • Next, check whether your device is connected to a network with 2.4GHz. Please note that printers are not compatible with 5.0GHz networks.
  • Then, confirm that your printer is in Auto Wireless Connect mode. The printer will be in this mode for two hours after it is first powered on during installation before it is connected to a network.
  •  In case your printer has been on for over two hours, and you haven’t tried the software, use the “Restore Network Settings” or “Restore Network Defaults” option from the printer control panel printerdriversetup to reset the printer.

 Wi-Fi Protected Setup

  • First, ensure that both the printer as well as your device supports WPS mode.Please consult with the manuals provided in printerdriversetup if you aren’t  clear with the process.
  • The network to which your printer is connected must certainly use WPA or WPA2 security.
  • Then, ensure that all previously installed printer versions have been removed.
  • Within two minutes of initiating the WPS mode on your printer, please ensure the WPS button on the router is also enabled. In case you need clarifications regarding initiation of the mentioned mode on the printer, please consult the printer manual provided.

Printer Support and Services

Our Tech team offers support for you 123 Printer Queries. We can easily identify your printer issues and provide solutions. We maintain a separate collection of solutions so that we can easily fix any of your printer related problems with printerdriversetup .

Try to Restart your printer and computer Device. First, switch off your Printer device and connect the power cable directly to the outlet not through any Power Strip or Surge Protector. Then, shut down your computer device and wait for like 2 minutes. Now ,turn on your printer and computer Device. Check whether the issue resolved or not.

If this process didn’t solve the defect, try to check the USB connection with printerdriversetup .. Make connection through different USB port i. e if you are using USB 3.0 port, try using USB 2.0 for the USB connection. Change the Direct Docking or USB hub connection to the Cable port connection. USB cable length should be lesser than 3 meters. Try to disconnect other USB connection Devices that are not in use.

Run Print and Scan Doctor which help to solve the basic printer Related issues and printerdriversetup .Then,  Choose the printer’s name under the product heading and choose next. Select fix and the Print and Scan Doctor will display list of results.

Next, Check with the results and follow the instructions. If the Print and Scan Doctor can’t solve the issue, uninstall the printer software. Then, Remove the USB cable connection. Search for Program and Features in the windows and find your printer in the list of installed programs.

Next, Choose Uninstall and select Yes. Follow the on-screen instructions printerdriversetup to complete the uninstall process. Lastly, restart the Computer Device.

Printer Driver Installation & setup

First, search for Devices in Windows search; choose Devices and Printers from the results. Choose Add a Printer.” Then, choose a device or printer to add to this PC” window opens. If your printer device is on the list, choose next and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Printer Driver Installation.

In case your printer is not available in the list, choose “Add a Local printer or network with manual settings”. Choose Next, choose the port that you have to use. Then, choose USB001 for a USB connected printer and click next on printerdriversetup . Lastly, choose Windows Update to get a driver update.

Choose an or Hewlett Packard in the manufacturer pane, If your printer device is in the list, choose next and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Printer Driver Installation.

If your printer device is not in the list, click the back arrow for two times and choose “ Find printer by other options” . Choose add a printer using the TCP/IP address or hostname and choose next. Choose an auto detect in the device type drop-down list.

Enter your IP address in the text box and choose next. Use the wireless Network Test Report or Network configuration page and printerdriversetup to find the IP address . If your printer has display, the IP address will display in the printer’s control panel. Wait until the printer connects to the computer and choose Next to install the printer.