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Printer Driver Setup Using the HP Printer Assistant

123.hp.com HP Printer Assistant is a Windows software program for HP Printers that is installed in many printers. Use the HP printer Assistant to perform scanning, ordering supplies, checking ink levels and more.  The Printer Setup &Software window will appear after upgrading your computer to a new Windows version when you open the HP Printer Assistant. For this setup, you must start with downloading the software from 123.hp.com

The printer icon will not be available in the Devices and Printers folder even though your printer was setup and Window was upgraded. You can either reset the printer connection or reinstall the HP driver to resolve the issue. Follow the below given procedure to setup the printer driver.

  1. Connecting the printer

You can gain access to printer assistant tools by connecting the printer again by clicking Connect a new printer. Select the connection type if prompted and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to setup the printer. Click Retry if a red X display and the connection fails, then proceed to the next step.

Turn off the printer by pressing the power button. Restart the computer and printer. Open the HP Printer assistant.

If the Printer assistant is opened, the issue is resolved. Otherwise, the continue to the next step when you see a red X displays and the connection fails.

  1. Uninstalling HP driver

You have to uninstall the HP printer driver and software before reinstalling the current version of the driver. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer if you have connected your printer and computer using the USB cable. Click your HP printer name in the installed program’s list and click Uninstall or Yes.

Follow the instruction that appear on the screen and restart the computer to remove the software driver completely.

  1. Reinstalling the latest driver from 123.hp.com

Download and install the current version of the software driver from support.hp.com or 123.hp.com. You can also use the installation CD that comes with your printer as an alternative method. Check whether the CD includes the driver for your Windows version

Switch on the printer and disconnect the USB cable if you have one.  Visit https://support.hp.com/drivers to download the current version of the printer driver. Enter your printer model number in the search box to find your printer. Click Find and follow the instruction to go to the download page.

You can either download the full feature driver or the basic driver only by clicking Download. It is recommended to download the full feature driver

  1. Restart

After reinstalling the driver, you need to restart both your computer and printer to finish the Window setup. Switch off the printer. To restart your printer, close all your programs running on the computer and restart it. Switch on the printer, open the HP Printer Assistant.

  1. Window built-in driver 

You must install the built-in driver if a full feature driver from 123.hp.com is not available. The driver for some Windows version is not available on the HP website and also the CD that comes with the printer

As the HP print driver is built into the Windows operating system or installed through the Windows Update feature, you need not download anything. You have to install the Add a Printer wizard to install the built-in print driver.