HP Support Assistant

You might feel difficult to download and install software from 123.hp.com. A software program which will help to keep your computer in working order, prevent issues and resolve the problems in a faster manner is called HP Support Assistant.  It also gives important system information required on the time of trouble shooting computer problems.

You can also maintain all your HP devices together simultaneously and gain access to updates, messages trouble-shooters and fixes, warranty and services, specifications, accessories and support resources for your computer and devices. Review the below given information to keep your computer in working order and maintain it smoothly.

Download the HP Support Assistant from http://www.hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant if you do not have a latest version or issues in your HP Support Assistant.

To open the HP Support Assistant

To open the HP Support Assistant, follow the below given steps.

Open the HP Support Assistant in your Windows. If you are opening for the first time, then you will see a Welcome to HP Support Assistant window. The default settings will be in the Welcome Window. If you want to modify, you can change and click Next to proceed. The Welcome window will look as shown below.


An overview of the HP Support Assistant will appear in the Quick Tutorial. You have to sign in with the HP Passport account in order to gain the access for all your registered devices.  Click Create an HP Passport profile if you are creating a new Passport account.


The Create your profile page display. Fill up the details and remember your password after entering it. Click Save  and finish the setup.  Enter your User ID and Password in the Sign In screen and login to your account. Click Create if you want to create a new account in the page.  In the My devices window, the HP Support Assistant will open.

Click Settings in the HP Support Assistant window to open the settings and change the settings if you want.  Some of the settings available are changing the HP software update settings, scheduling updates, changing contact, warranty and support message settings, changing notification settings, change usage settings, change the color theme and remove the welcome screen.

Trouble shooting and device specific information

The items in the My devices tab has sections like the information, troubleshooting and other items are available below.


The My devices window has a My PC or My Notebook box and an Add a device box. It has the information about your computer if you have installed HP Support Assistant. The information like computer name, serial number, product number, warranty status, updates available, messages and a link to troubleshooting.

• Adding another device.

You can also add devices to the HP Support Assistant as it detects the devices connected to your computer or on the network. Follow the below given steps.

1. Click My devices in the HP Support Assistant Window to show your devices. Click Add an HP deviceDetect my deviceSelect your device.


The select your device window will appear. Add the device by clicking on it and a Name your device window opens to add a name for the device. Then Click Add to my devices. A congratulations message will be displayed. Click the finish without scanning to finish without scanning. To add another device, click Add another device.

• Checking for updates.

Follow the steps to check for updates in your HP Support Assistant.

On the HP Support Assistant Window, click the My devices tab and click Updates. If there is any update available, you will see it in the update window. Click Check for Updates and messages to check for recent updates. To install the update click the install icon and to delete the update, click the delete icon.

My Services

SmartFriend, Instant ink and Care pack are the  available services in the My services Category.


HP Support Options

Get HP technical support on your device as HP Support Assistant will not resolve any issue, you can get the available support for your specific printer model. It also depends on your product, location and warranty status.  Follow the below steps to get technical advice.

  1. In the Support Assistant window, click Support to open the HP Support window and check whether your location is correct next to Select your location. You can also change the location by clicking location name and select the desired location.
  2. Click the box that contains your computer in to get support for your computer. A support resource window will appear on the screen.
  3. The support resources available are Helpful tips , trouble shooting and fixes, HP support forums to connect with HP customers and experts to know more information about the problem, HP smartfriend Assistance to get in touch with trained technicians on the phone, HP Product Support Center to open the support website for your computer model, dispute your warranty and to register an HP Care Pack.