HP Printer Management

The 123.hp.com printer management tool is a printer configuration software based on web that is available on the HP System Management Homepage (HP SMH). Using this tool, you can monitor the print request, save and restore the spooler configuration. You can also add and configure local or network printers.

Faster and easier interface to configure and manage printers is provided by the printer management too. You can also manage print requests from a client system from a client system using this application.

With printer management tools, you can add a remote printer or network printer. Many actions can be done using the printer management tools. Some of them include view printer details, know about your printer requests, enable or disable a printer. You can also check out the common problem in the printer using the printer management tools.

Some of the features supported by the HP printer management tool are to view the list of common problems in printer management, enable and disable printers, start and stop print spooler, accept and reject print request, add local, network and remote printers and many more.

The various tabs in the printer management tools are printers, print requests and save/restore spooler configuration. These printer tab enables you to perform the following tasks.

  1. Add a serial RS-232 printer
  2. Add a printer with Non-Standard device file
  3. Add a Remote printer
  4. Add a network printer
  5. Add a printer to a TSM terminal
  6. View printer details
  7. View print Requests
  8. Accept Print Requests
  9. Reject print Requests
  10. Remove a printer
  11. Enable a printer
  12. Disable a Printer
  13. Modify the Fence Priority
  14. Set system Default Destination
  15. View Common Problem

The printer Request tab enables you to perform the following tasks. They are Move a Print Request and Cancel a Print Request.  The Save/ Restore spooler configuration tab enables you to perform the following tasks.

Start the print spooler, save the spooler configuration, Restore the Spooler Configuration and Stop the Print Spooler.