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123 HP Officejet 5741 Printer Setup

An ideal printer device with latest functionalities such as built-in faxing,automatic document feeder.  It is an all-in-one printer device with workplace features at an affordable price. Use the automatic duplex mechanism to print on both sides simultaneously,it saves time and effort. Get more Automatic duplex support from 123.hp.com/setup 5741. This printer device’s control panel has 2.2 inch monochrome touch display and separate home and back button. HP OfficeJet 5741 is comparatively faster in the printing process, use the quiet-mode feature to reduce the printer’s noise level. On the other hand, this printer device takes more time to complete the printing and scanning process. HP OfficeJet 5741 offers lot of features at budget- friendly price and it has inbuilt software for printing, scanning, faxing and copying.


 Unbox HP OfficeJet 5741-123.hp.com/setup 5741

  • Open your HP OfficeJet 5741 printer package and you can find the basic accessories and reference materials on the top of the printer package.
  • Use these accessories to complete the hp.com/setup 5741 setup process.Set aside the packing materials,you can recycle the packing materials with the HP support.
  • Use the plastic cover and pull out the printer device from the package. Gently remove the tape materials in and around the printer device.
  • Lift open the scanner lid and take out the Styrofoam sheet, open the ink access door and remove the cardboard piece and other packing materials.
  • Slide out the paper input tray and remove the tape and other packing materials, use the paper width guide and adjust the paper size.
  • After completing the unpacking process, complete the basic printer 123.hp.com/setup 5741 setup process and use your printer device.

 123 HP OfficeJet 5741 Printer Setup

  • Use the power cord that came along with the printer package. Connect one end of the power cord to the printer device and the other end to the power source.
  • Turn ON your printer device using the power button, set the basic preferences like language,time & Date and Country/Region. Finally,touch Done to confirm the settings.
  • Now the printer device prompts you to insert the ink cartridges, open the ink access door and insert the ink cartridges in their allotted slots.
  • Carefully remove the orange tape,don’t touch electrical contacts or ink nozzles. After placing the ink cartridges, close the ink access door.
  • Your printer’s control panel displays, “ Thank you for Installing HP Instant Ink Ready Cartridges”. Touch OK to continue with the printer setup process.
  • The printer device prompts you to load paper in the input tray,slide out the paper input tray load a pile of unused paper into the input tray.
  • Your printer device automatically prints an alignment page, scan this page to calibrate your printer device. After the scanning process,the panel either displays “ Alignment successful” or “ Alignment Failed”.
  • If the panel displays “ Alignment Sucessful” message, click finish and complete the printer setup process. If the alignment process is not successful, get Troubleshooting instructions from the 123.hp.com/setup 5741 manufacturer .

HP Printer Driver Installation for Windows Using CD

  • Use the Printer Driver Installation CD that came with the printer package. Load the CD into the CD-drive,your installer automatically runs the setup.exe file.
  • Choose Yes in the User Account Control Window,use the “ Go Online “ option to complete the printer driver installation with the 123.hp.com/setup 5741 HP support.
  • Click “ No thanks,I want to set up using the CD”. The Installation process takes 3 steps prepare step involves a basic printer setup process.
  • Choose your printer software in the connect process. Use the customize software selection option and click next.
  • Select the “ I have reviewed and accept the installation agreements and setting” check box and click next. Your installer starts the printer driver Installation process and prompts you to choose the connection type.
  • Input the needed details and fax setup information, choose the printer’s primary usage and enter the postal code of the printer’ location.
  • After entering the needed information, click next to complete the printer driver installation process.

HP Printer Driver Installation for Mac-123.hp.com/setup 5741

  • From the apple menu, select system preferences. Choose Printers and Scanners in the system preferences window.
  • Select your printer device from the list, you can select your printer device using the (+) symbol. Use the (-) symbol to remove the printer device.
  • To add a printer device,click (+) sign and choose Add printer or scanner. In the add window, choose your printer device from the list and make sure that it is of  USB  or Bonjour Multifunction.
  • Click Add to complete the software installation process.

Wireless Setup-123.hp.com/setup 5741

  • You can easily connect your printer device to the wireless network using the control panel controls. Touch the wireless icon on your printer’s control panel.
  • Tap the Settings icon (gear-like), choose the wireless setup wizard your printer device automatically scans for available wireless routers within the range.
  • Choose your network name from the list and touch OK. If prompted, enter the network password using the on-screen keyboard and touch Ok to confirm the settings.
  • Your printer device validates your wireless connection information and connect to the wireless network. Finally,it displays the connection successful  message with the wireless connection information.

Automatic Duplex Feeder

  • The Automatic Duplex feature enables you to print both sides of paper at the same time. It helps you to save time and effort.
  • Start the process by loading blank paper into the input tray and choose the document that you want to print.
  • From the file menu ,choose print and click printer properties. In the Printer’s preferences window,click printing shortcut tab.Get more support information from 123.hp.com/setup 5741.
  • Under the “print on both sides manually” drop-down menu ,choose print on Long Edge for booklet style printing or Print on Short Edge for tablet style printing. Finally ,click OK and print.

HP ePrint-123.hp.com/setup 5741


  • The HP print feature makes the printing process easier, send  the document or image directly to your printer device and complete the printing process.
  • Make sure that your printer device supports HP ePrint ,connect your printer device to the same wireless network as your computer.
  • If you are using wired connection, the connection green link light should be steady and the orange light should blink after establishing the cable connection.
  • If you are using a wireless connection, turn ON the wireless feature and make sure that the printer device is connected to the same wireless network as your computer.

Web Services

  • Web Services helps you to establish secure communication between your printer device and printing apps such as ePrint and AirPrint.
  • If your printer device does not have ePrint icon or button, you can find the web services menu under the wireless settings.
  • If the installer prompts you to turn ON web services, follow the on-screen instructions 123.hp.com/setup 5741 and enable the web services on your printer device.
  • If the printer’s control panel displays web services summary or connected status, it means that web services was already ON.
  • Touch print info to get more information about the web services.

Printer’s email address

  • After enabling the web services, your printer device automatically prints ” Get the most out of your printer”  instruction  It provides web services information about printer claim code which can be used as printer’s email address.
  • If there is a delay,wait for 5 to 10 minutes. If your printer device still can’t print the web services information, restart the web services and it prints new information page.
  • You can find your printer’s information page on the printer’s information page. You can also use the printer’s claim code as the printer’s email address with @hpeprint.com.

Print using HP ePrint

To print saved document or image

  • Sign into your email account and compose a new email. Enter your printer’s email address in the TO field.
  • You should not leave the subject field empty,enter a related title in the subject line. Attach the document or photo that you want to print and send the email.Visit 123.hp.com/setup 5741 for more information about the ePrint setup.

To print an email message

  • Select and open the email message that you want to print, click forward and enter the printer’s email address in the TO field.
  • Mention your subject in the subject field and send it to the printer device. To Print a webpage, save it as a document and attach it to the email message.

HP ePrint requirements-123.hp.com/setup 5741

  • Mention printer’s email address in the TO field,you can’t enter multiple email address in the TO field. The server may cancel the print job.
  • Type related subject in the subject field, the ePrint server may cancel the job if the you leave this field empty.
  • Maximum attachment size is 10MB and you can’t attach more than 10 files. It supports .txt, PDF,HTML, Microsoft word,Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel files.
  • HP ePrint does not support Digitally signed,encrypted and password protected documents. On the other hand, the duplex feeding mechanism is not supported.