HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer Paper Handling Specification

To know about the correct paper types and sizes and overloading the printer HP OfficeJet Pro 4650 .  Some of the paper handling specifications are paper tray capacity, supported paper sizes, envelopes, photo paper, cards, labels, custom sizes and print margins.

  1. Capacity of paper tray

It is recommended to use maximum amount of paper for the printer that is described here.  If the location is input tray then use the following information. The type paper, the weight 64 to 90 g/m2 (16 to 24 lb bond) with the capacity of up to 100 sheets of plain paper.

If the type photo paper, the weight is 280 gsm2 (66 lb bond) with the capacity Up to 20 sheets (17 mm [0.67 inch] stacked).  If you use labels, the weight is not mentioned and the capacity is up to 5 sheets. If you see envelopes, the weight is 75 to 90 g/m2   Up to 5 sheets (17 mm [0.67 inch] stacked). If you use cards, the weight is up to 200 with the capacity of up to 20 cards. If you use brochures, the weight is 180 gsm with up to 20 cards.

The output tray can hold paper up to 25 sheets of plain paper, photo paper up to 10 sheets, label up to 10 sheets, envelopes up to 5 and cards up to 10

  1. Paper sizes supported

The paper type is plain paper which can be of the size 102 x 203mm, 152 x 203 mm, 216 x 330mm, A4, A5, A6, B5 and U.S Executive, US government, US Letter, US Legal and US Statement are supported by the input tray. The automatic document feeder supports only US Legal, US letter and A4 size only. These size are compatible for borderless printing

  1. Envelopes supported

Check whether you are using only the envelopes that are suggested here to avoid paper jams and other printer related issues. The paper types are A2 envelope, C5 envelope, C6 envelope, Chou #4 envelope, Chou #3 envelope, DL envelope, Monarch envelope, US 10 envelope and Envelope 6 ¾ types are supported

  1. Photo paper supported

The photo paper sizes that are supported by the printer are 76.2 x 127mm, 102 x 152 mm, 127 x 179mm, 203 x 254mm, 13 x 18cm, 216 x 279mm, 127×177.8 and Photo L photo paper. These sizes can be used for borderless printing.

  1. Cards supported

Check whether you use only the cards that are mentioned here to avoid paper jams and other issues.  The cards that are supported by the printer are Ofuku Hagaki compatible only with plain and Inkjet Hagaki from Japan post not with photo Hagaki from Japan Post, the Japanese post card, Index card letter, A4 index card, A6 card, Index card of sizes 76.2 x 127 mm, 102 x 152 mm and 127 x 203 mm.

  1. Labels supported

When you are loading in the input tray, check whether you insert only the labels that are mentioned here to avoid jamming issue and other printer related problems. The printer support Letter-sized sheets and A4-sized sheets only.

  1. Custom sizes supported

The dimensions of the custom size that are given here should fall within parameters listed. The input tray supports the size 76.2 to 127 mm (3.0 to 5.0 inches) wide and 127 to 482.6 mm (13.0 to 19.0 inches) long and the automatic document feeder supports 127 to 203 mm (5.0 to 8.5 inches) wide and 241 to 305 mm (9.5 to 12.0 inches) long.

  1. Margin printing

If you are using the Windows operating system, click the Advanced tab in the printer driver and select Minimize Margins. Otherwise select Manage Custom Sizes from the print Driver settings in your OS X accordingly.