HP OfficeJet 3830 Advanced Printer Management Tools

Manage your printer HP OfficeJet 3830 by using the web-based tool, Embedded Web server.  You can use the embedded web server to view status information, modify settings and manage printer from your printer when your printer is connected to the network.

Without being connected to the network, you can also open and use the EWS but some features will not be available. You might need a password to view or change some settings.

  • Open the EWS through a network by touching the Wireless on your Home screen. It will show the IP address of the printer. Type the IP address or host name assigned to the printer in a supported web browser on your computer.
  • Open the Embedded Web server from the HP Printer software by opening the Click Print, Scan&Fax à Printer Home page(EWS).
  • Open the Embedded Web server using Wi-Fi Direct by touching the Wi-Fi direct icon in the Home screen. If the Wi-Fi direct is Off, switch it on and proceed. Search for the Wi-Fi direct name and connect by entering the Wi-Fi direct password when prompted. Type the address in a supported web browser on your computer.