123 HP LaserJet Pro M130fw Printer Driver Issues

Printer not found during network driver setup
While installing the driver, the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130fw printer may raise some issues. Setup your printer for a Wi-Fi or wired network connection and if the printer is not detected by the installer due to some errors like printer not fund, unable to find the printer, devices not found and printer could not be found on your wireless network. Resolve the printer driver issues by following the below given steps.


Restart the devices

  1. All the devices such as computer, printer and router should be restarted to resolve the issues during the printer driver installation.
  2. Turn ooff the printer. Close all the programs running on your computer including the HP software installation window and Shutdown the computer.
  3. Reconnect the power cord to the router and wait for the internet connection to display a normal connected status. Switch on the printer and computer. Install the software and HP driver again.

Printer connection status

  1. Make sure the network is working correctly and the printer is ready for the network setup.
  2. Open the wireless network or Settings menu to make sure the wireless signal is switched on. Make sure the light next to wireless icon is turned on and steady or blinking.
  3. If you are using wired network connection, make sure the cable is connected to the printer Ethernet port and to an available port on the router. When you connect the cable, make sure the green link light is steady, orange light is blinking.
  4. Connect your own network not on a guest or host network like schools, hotels or home networks. Check whether you set to 2.4 GHz if you have a dual band router. The printer cannot connect to the network if your router is set to the 5 GHz band.
  5. Mouse over the network icon in the notification area to view the network name and connection status on your computer. During printer driver installation, disconnect the virtual private network.

Printer connection manually

  1. You can set up the printer connection manually with the help of Wireless setup Wizard, if you are using wireless connection. Connect the printer manually for the HP installer to find it. Install the HP printer driver again after connecting.
  2. In the Setup, Network, or wireless menu, a tool named Wireless setup wizard is available as a guided tool. Select your network name and type your password to connect the printer to the your network.
  3. You should type the network name and password manually if they are hidden and remember that the network names and passwords are case-sensitive.

Use HP Print and Scan doctor

  1. Resolve the issues using the HP Print and Scan doctor. HP Print and Scan doctor is a free tool provided by HP to diagnose and solve the printer issues.
  2. Download the HP print and Scan doctor from the software and driver downloads page to solve the issues by performing troubleshooting tasks automatically
  3. Click Start on the Welcome screen after HP Print and Scan doctor opens. Make sure your printer is turned and connected if you cannot see your printer in the list of printers connected. Click My product is not listed and click Retry. Click Next to select your printer.
  4. Click the method used to connect the printer when the connection problem is detected and follow the instructions that appear on the screen and click Retry.

Disable the firewall software

  1. Disabling the firewall software may help to resolve the printer driver issues as some settings or configurations in the Firewall software may block communications with network printer.
  2. Disable the firewall software on your computer with the help of HP Print and Scan doctor. Click Network in the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  3. Click Troubleshooting Firewalls in the drop down menu. Click the firewall software which has been Enabled on your system and click Disable.
  4. If the installation is complete after disabling the firewall, then contact the firewall software support to change settings such as security level, trusted zones and open parts to allow the communication with HP software and websites. Re-enable the firewall after changing the settings.
  5. If the installation continues to fail even after disabling the firewall, then it is not the issue. Re-enable the firewall in the Print and Scan Doctor and continue to the next step.

Reinstall the HP driver and software

  1. Reinstall the software and driver after uninstalling. Disconnect the cable from the printer and search for Programs and Features in Windows, then click Programs and Feature in the search result.
  2. Click your HP printer name in the installed program list and click Uninstall or Yes. Follow the instruction that appear on screen to remove the software completely from your system and restart your system.
  3. Switch on the printer and disconnect the USB cable if you printer is connected to the computer with the cable. Visit support.hp.com and type your model number and click search.
  4. Select the software and downloads tab and click Go to visit the download page. Click Download to download the full feature driver or click Basic driver for the driver options. Complete the setup successfully.