123 HP LaserJet Pro M254dw Printer Troubleshooting

The trouble shooting of HP LaserJet Pro M254dw  printer consists of user guide, updation of firmware, error code message, special support, wired connection and wireless connection. These are the basic troubleshooting on the printer. Review the information and get your printer issues resolved.

  1. 123 HP Printer User manual

Get all inclusive help for your HP LaserJet Pro M254dw printers. The user manual consists of the printer usage and troubleshooting instructions. You can get the user manual from the installation CD or from the HP support website.

Visit the site hp.support.com . Type your printer number in the search box. You will be on the product home page.

Click the User Guide after selecting the language. Under the User guide section, you will have the Getting started guide, full user guide, warranty and legal guide, HP Printers – SMB Protocol Support for HP Printing Devices and HP Printers – Security Advisory MS17-010 WannaCry attack. All the documents are available in PDF formats

  1. 123 HP Printer Updation of Firmware

Visit the HP support site, hp.support.com and enter your printer model number to go to the HP LaserJet Pro M254dw printers.

Click Software and Drivers and click Go. Choose your operating systems and click Next. Select the Firmware and Click Download.

Firmware update provides all the necessary and advanced tools for your HP printer which will help you in troubleshooting your printers.

  1. 123 HP Printer Wired network connection

Make sure the printer is attached to the correct network port using a cable of correct length. Check whether the lights next to the network port are solid and steady. The printer driver should be installed in the computer. Check for the printer driver on your computer. Ping the network to test the network connection.

In Windows, click Start → Run. Enter cmd on the Run dialog box and press Enter key. The command prompt will be opened. Type ping, type a space, type the printer IP address(Example: ping . Press Enter key.

In OS X, open the network utility and enter the IP address in ping pane. Click Enter. If the network is working, the window display round-trip times and if the ping does not work, try resetting the printer and recheck all of the connection steps.

  1. 123 HP Printer Wireless network connection

Check whether the network cable is not connected. A wireless network cannot be created if the printer is connected to a network cable. Disconnect the network cable, if the printer is connected.

Make sure that the printer and wireless router are switched on and have power. Make sure the wireless switch is turned on. The printer should be in the range of the wireless network.

Make sure the print driver is installed on the computer. Check whether the computer and printer connect to the same wireless network. Verify the wireless router supports Bonjour if you are using OS X. You have to restart the router.