HP LaserJet Pro M203dw Printer Troubleshooting

The trouble shooting of HP LaserJet Pro M203dw  printer consists of user guide, updation of firmware, error code message, special support, wired connection and wireless connection. These are the basic troubleshooting on the printer. Review the information and get your printer issues resolved.

  1. User manual

You can get the user manual for your printer to know about the technical and trouble shooting information for your HP LaserJet Pro M203dw printer.

The printer software installation CD has the user guide. If you can’t find the user guide in the installation CD, then download it from the hp.support.com by entering your printer model number in the search box and click search.

Click the user guide to get the user manual after choosing your language.

  1. Updation of Firmware

Visit the site hp.support.com to get firmware updates. Click select a printer and click Drivers.

Select your device’s operating system and click Next button. Select the Firmware and click Download.

Firmware updation is important to resolve issues in your printer as the old firmware may not support some technical issues. It is recommended to update the firmware regularly.

  1. Error code message

If you see the error code Er/o1 and the attention light is blinking, take an action of loading the paper into input tray. You can load 150 sheets of paper into the input tray.

  1. Special support

Get all the inclusive help for your printer from the HP support website by visiting hp.support.com. Some of the issues that can be solved are find advanced configuration information, updation of software, support forums, warranty and regulatory information. Many more information about your printer are available at the HP support website.

  1. Wired connection

If you have any issues regarding the wired connection on your printer, follow the below instructions.

Make sure that the printer is connected to the correct network port using the cable. Check whether the lights next to the network port are lit. Check whether the printer drivers are installed and test the network connection.

Click Start on the Windows screen and click Run. Type cmd on the Run application and press Enter. Type ping, type space and type the printer IP address and press Enter.  See “find the printer IP address” to know your printer’s IP address.

In OS X, type the IP address in the ping pane after opening the network utility and press Enter. See “find the printer IP address” to know your printer’s IP address.

  1. Wireless connection

If you have any issues regarding the wireless connection on your printer, follow the below instruction to resolve your issues.

Make sure that the USB Cable is disabled. If the USB cable is connected the printer will not connect to the wireless network.

Make sure that the printer and router is switched on and they are in ready state. You must keep the printer within the wireless network that is the printer must be within 30 m of the wireless access point.

Make sure that the printer driver is installed on your computer. You should connect the printer and the computer on the same wireless network.

On your Mac operating system, the wireless router should support Bonjour. Restart the wireless router if the problem still persists.