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123 HP LaserJet Pro M254dw Printer USB Printer Setup

The USB connection on your HP LaserJet Pro M254dw printers can be done on following you two simple steps. Preparing your printer for the USB connection setup is the initial process. The preparation instruction given below is for both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

The second step is to install driver and setup your connection. In this process, some instructions may differ for the Mac and Windows. Read the below instructions and setup your printer in the USB connection.


123 HP Laserjet Installation Preparation

Follow the below given instructions to setup your HP LaserJet Pro M254dw for USB Printer setup on your Windows or Mac computers.

You need some of the important requirements that are given below to setup your HP LaserJet pro M254dw printer in a USB connection.

You need to turn on the printer and keep it in a ready state. A USB cable mentioned above is needed. Connecting through a USB hub or docking station may not work leading improper operation of the printer. Instead use USB port on your computer.

You need to disconnect the printer USB cable from the computer. Reconnect the cable when you are prompted by the installer during installation setup.

123 HP Laserjet Driver installation and Connection setup

When you download the driver, a full feature driver or HP Easy start guided installation app will download based on your operating system.

Visit 123.hp.com and enter your printer model number
Follow the onscreen instructions to download the diver. If you are using Windows operating system a full feature driver will be downloaded. If you are using the Mac operating system, HP Easy Start will be downloaded.

Follow the on screen instruction to open the downloaded file to start the setup. Select the connection type as USB. If the driver or HP Easy start fails, visit the hp.support.com (HP support site).

Enter your printer model number and confirm the operating system. You can also make changes to the operating system if required.

In Windows, click Download next to full feature driver under the Driver-Product Installation Software and follow the instructions that appear onscreen to make use of the HP Download and Install Assistant. You can also select Download only to save and run the driver file from your computer. Choose the printer connection as USB when prompted by the installer and complete the setup. You can try to print.

In Mac OS, click Download next to HP Easy Start or the full feature driver under the Driver-Production installation software. Open the HP Easy start file with an extension .dmg in the downloads folder and start the installation. Choose the printer connection as USB when prompted by the installer and complete the setup. Click your printer name if you are prompted to add the printer in the printer queue. Select the printer name in the pop-up menu by clicking the Use or Print Using menu and click Add. You can try to print.