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HP OfficeJet 4620 Printer Connectivity

To connect the printer to your computer you can use only the supported connectivity methods by your 123.hp.com/oj4620 HP OfficeJet 4620 printers. Connect your computer, mobile device or network and the network protocol specifications by reviewing the following information.

The Ethernet connection is not supported by the HP OfficeJet 4620 printer. The wireless connection requires 802.11 b/g/n- 2.4 GHz networks only, the USB connection requires HI-speed 2.0 USB, the Wi-Fi direct and the HP Smart app requires wireless network. These are the connectivity methods and their requirements supported by the HP Office Jet 4620 printer.


1. 123.hp.com/oj4620 – Wireless network connection

Follow the below guidelines to setup the wireless network connection.

Setup a wireless network connection by gathering some requirements like Service Set Identifier(SSID) or network name, WEP key or WPA security passphrase, a computer with wireless network and internet access with broadband connection to use web services.

Switch on your computer and printer. Connect your computer and printer at the same network. Keep the computer within the range during installation.

Connect the printer to wireless network using the wireless setup wizard and manage the wireless connection to your printer. Press the wireless button   on the control panel as the initial step. You will notice the display of Wireless menu.

Click the Settings icon and click the wireless Setup wizard. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the printer to your wireless network.

Download and install the current version by visiting support.hp.com. Enter the model number and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

Otherwise you have to follow the instructions in HP installer software. If you are not interested , you can go with the installation CD.

Visit 123.hp.com to enter your model number and click Begin to start the download. You have to click Download and click any one button such as Open, Save or Run in any windows to display to download the driver.

Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation wizard.

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish the setup and driver installation. Then return to the page to complete the registration and activation

2. 123.hp.com/oj4620 – USB connection

Follow the below given steps to setup your printer for a USB cable connection.

Setup the USB cable connection by gathering the requirements like the printer should be switched on in a ready state to connect to the computer using the USB cable and a USB cable of length less than 3 meters is needed.

Connect using the USB port on your computer. If you connect through a USB hub or docking station, it may lead to the printer to not work properly due to minimum power.

If you connect the USB cable to the computer before installing the HP driver, continue with these steps to remove the printer from the installed devices to help ensure a successful setup. Otherwise skip to the next step to install the driver.

Delete the previously installed printer version from your Windows computer. Remove the USB cable. Search for devices and click the Devices and Printer control panel settings in the results in the Windows.

Search for your printer model and right-click on it to remove by clicking the Remove device. Remove all the multiple icons existing for the printer

Download the current version of your printer software from 123.hp.com. type the printer model number and follow the instructions onscreen. Otherwise download the HP easy start.

Choose the connection type as USB Connection. Finish the USB connection setup and the remaining steps are not necessary to complete.

If the HP Easy Start download fails or you cannot find your printer in 123.hp.com, continue and install it from the HP website. Visit the site support.hp.com to download the software and driver downloads. Type your printer model  and check whether the operating system compatibility

Click Download next to the full feature driver. Follow the instructions that appear on the instructions to the HP Download and Install Assistant or select Download Only to save and run the driver file from your computer. Choose a printer connection option. Select the USB connection and complete the installation setup successfully

3. 123.hp.com/oj4620 – Wi-Fi direct connection

4. 123.hp.com/oj4620 – HP smart app

Use the HP wireless direct on your printer to print your documents or photos on a secure Wi-Fi capable computers and smart devices.

Search for the HP wireless direct button on the control panel. If not, go to the Network Setup or Wireless settings menu and touch Wireless Direct, and then turn on the connection.

You can choose with or without security as it is optional. Remember the passcode and click OK if you require password when you are connecting to the printer.

Click SettingsàWi-Fi, and choose your printer the list of available networks on your mobile device. Enter the security passcode if prompted. Open the file and click Print from the app menu or the action menu. Install the app from the Apple or Google play store

Choose your printer model from the list of available printers that are connected in the network and click Print After the print job gets completed, you should reconnect the mobile device to your normal wire network.

Wireless printers that released after 2011 and android phones tablets. The operating systems like Windows and Mac OS also supports HP wireless direct.

The HP Smart App help you to connect to your wireless network using your mobile devices. Print, scan and capture files with your smart devices using your HP Smart app. The HP Smart app also known as the HP AiO Printer Remote App

Check whether your Android device is in the same wireless network as your printer and keep the android device near your router. Download and install the HP smart app from the google Play Store on your Android device.

Open the app and tap Start and accept the terms and conditions. Tap Continue. In the app home screen, tap the plus sign to search for the printers that are connected to the network Tap the printer in the list of printers connected to your wireless network.

Click the Add Printer if you are connecting to a new printer and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Make sure your printer is switched on and check whether your Apple iOS device is connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Download and install the HP smart app from the App store on your Apple iOS device.

Click start and Accept the terms and conditions. Tap Continue to search for the printers that are connected to your network. The app automatically select your printer if you have one printer already connected to the wireless network

123.hp.com/oj4620 – Printers Physical Dimensions

The HP OfficeJet 4620 printer’s physical dimensions are  given. The physical dimensions such as height, weight, width and depth are mentioned in millimetres and inches. Review the following information to know more about the physical dimensions of the HP OfficeJet 4620 printers.

The height of the printer is 164.34 mm (6.47 inches), the width of the printer is 444.5 mm (17.5 inches). The weight of the printer is 6.39 kg (14.09 lbs) and the depth of the printer with tray extended is  493.78 mm (19.44 inches) and Without tray extender extended is 350.27 mm (13.79 inches)

123-hp-oj4620printer setup

HP OfficeJet 4620 Control Panel Display

Control panel display in the printer is the most important part as it helps you to access the Home button, wireless connectivity and Help menu access in a easier and less complex manner. Get to know about the HP 4620 printer’s control panel display which helps you to access the printer in an easier way.

Control panel display menu

Use the control panel display menu to select print, fax, copy and scan options from the main menu by touching. You can also scroll through by swiping your fingers across the display.

  1. Copy : The copy option in the control panel display opens the copy menu. To select a copy type or to change the copy settings such as single copy or multiple copy  and many copy issues, use the Copy option in the control panel display. The icon that represent the copy button is  .
  2. Scan : The scan option in the control panel display opens the menu Scan To which allows you to choose a particular destination for your ongoing scan operation. The icon that represent the scan option is
  3. Fax : The Fax option in the control panel opens a screen to send a fax or change fax settings.  The icon representing the Fax option is  
  4. HP Printables : The HP Printables option in the control panel display is a quick way to access and to print information from the like coloring puzzles, coupons and more.
  5. Quick Forms : The Quick form options open the Quick Forms menu which helps you to select a form to print as there are many forms to print from your printer.  The icon representing the HP Printables is
  6. Setup : The Setup option in the control panel opens the Setup menu which help you to modify your preferences and utilize the tools to do maintenance tasks. The Setup option is represented by  
  7. Help : The Help option in the control panel opens the Help menu which allows to view videos to know about the setup and trouble shooting issues, printer features information and tips. The Help option is displayed like
  8. HP ePrint icon : The HP ePrint icon in the control panel opens the Web Services summary. The web services summary will provide details about the ePrint status details, ePrint settings  and Web Services information page.  The HP ePrint icon in the control panel looks like  
  9. Wireless Direct : The Wireless Direct icon in the control panel opens the Wireless Direct Summary menu which helps you to switch off the HP Wireless direct printing and wireless direct name and password. The icon represents the Wireless direct is
  10. Wireless icon : The Wireless icon in the control panel opens the Wireless Summary menu. The wireless summary menu will provide the wireless status and change wireless settings. Print a wireless test report to help diagnose network connection issues. The Wireless icon displays by default, if your printer is not connected to any network connection. The Wireless icon is
  11. Ink icon : The Ink icon option will show you the ink cartridge levels. A warning symbol will be displayed by the ink if the ink level is minimum The Ink icon is  
  12. Fax Status icon : The Fax status in the control panel will open the status information for the Auto answer function, fax sound volume and fax logs.

HP OfficeJet 4620 Printer Mobile Solutions

The mobile solutions supported by HP OfficeJet 4620 printers are HP ePrint, HP Smart app, HP ePrint mobile app, Print solutions for Android and Kindle devices, Apple AirPrint, Mopria certified and Google Cloud Print. Scheduled Delivery Pintables is the supported web services.


123.hp.com/oj4620 – HP Smart app

Use the HP Smart app to print, scan and capture files with your smart devices.  To connect your printer to a wireless network, use the HP AiO Printer Remote app on your smart device.

The HP Smart app will help to print, scan and capture file using your smart devices. Connect your printer to a wireless network using the HP AiO Printer Remote app on your smart device.


Make sure that your printer and Android device are connected in the same wireless network. Download the HP smart app from the Google play store. Install the HP smart app and open the app after it is installed. Start the app by accepting the terms and conditions.  Tap to continue.

Tap the (+)plus sign in the home screen of the Smart app and the app will search for the printers connected to the same network to which it is connected. Select the printer if you have more than one printer connected to your wireless network. If you are setting up a new printer, click Add Printer and follow the on screen instruction to finish the setup.

In Apple iOS devices, check whether your Apple iOS device is connected to the same wireless network that your current printer is connected. Download and install the HP smart app from the App store on your Apple iOS .  Open the app after the download is completed and click Start. Accept the terms and conditions and tap Continue. The app will search for the printers connected to the network. The app automatically select your printer if you have one printer already connected to the wireless network.

You have to tap the plus sign and select your printer from the list. Tap Add printer if you are setting up a new network on a network. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the printer setup.

123.hp.com/oj4620 – HP ePrint

Print from anywhere in the world with an internet access is the main theme of the HP ePrint. The HP ePrint is a free service provided by HP in a secure service and cloud-based manner. You can send your documents to the printer using the email and your printer will print the mailed document. Follow the below given procedure for the ePrint setup.


Disable the USB connection from your printer. Check whether your printer supports HP ePrint before proceeding to download. Go to Web Services Setup, Network Setup, or Wireless Settings.

You will find the web services on the menu. If your printer has a wired connection the green light in the Ethernet port should be solid and the orange light should be blinking when you connect the cable. If your printer has a wireless communication, check whether the wireless feature is switched on and the printer is on the same network.

The web services should be switched on from the control panel or connect securely with ePrint on the internet by using  the Embedded Web Server or click HP ePrint icon. On the EWS web page, click the Web Services tab and click Continue, Turn On, or Enable and follow the instructions that appear on the screen if a web services setup page displays.

Switch on the web services and continue. The printer will print Make the most of your printer or Important printer setup instructions page containing the information about the web services and your printer address.

HP ePrint app

HP ePrint App is a mobile application which allows you to print any supported HP printer connected on the same wireless network. The HP ePrint app is retired for Apple iOS devices.  Print photos or documents using the HP ePrint app. You can also print using the cloud services like google drive and Dropbox from wherever you are with the help of an active internet connection.

Amazon Fire devices

Use your Amazon fire tablets or smartphones and print to your HP printer through a network or a Wi-Fi direct connection. Read the following steps to setup your Amazon fire devices to help you in printing from your device.

Installing the HP ePrint App

An Android OS with version 4.0 and above versions or Amazon fire OS versions are 4.1 – 4.x and 5.1- 5.x or above versions. Check whether you are connected to the wireless network by opening the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device.

Check whether the wireless signal is switched on and the printer is connected to the same wireless network as your mobile device. Download and install the HP ePrint app from the Google Play Store on your device.  You have to choose your usage data preferences by clicking Done.

The HP ePrint app home screen displays. Follow the prompts that appear on the screen, tap Grant permission, Add Cloud Account, or Add Email Account to access files, social media and cloud accounts.

Use your Amazon fire device to print your documents. Initially check the important requirements to print from your amazon fire device. Check out the below description to know about the requirements.

The printer hardware is the most important thing and it should be setup correctly for a proper functioning of you printer and amazon fire devices. You should have the Amazon fire device and check whether the version of the amazon fire device is between OS 5.0 and 5.9

Your printer should be connected to an active internet connection. The connection may be either wireless or wired connection. Check whether your printer and the amazon fire device is connected in the same network.

123.hp.com/oj4620 – Apple AirPrint

Apple iOS v4.2 and later operating systems in mobile comes with AirPrint, a mobile printing solution. Connect to a wireless network and print from your iPad, iPhone iPod and other smart devices.

123.hp.com/oj4620 – Mopria Print service

Mopria print service is a mobile application available in the Google play store for free. Print the documents, web pages and emails using your Android device in your HP printer.


iOS 4.2 and latest version on the Apple devices is required for setting up the AirPrint in your Apple device. Ensure that your printer supports the AirPrint. Some of the printer model do not support the HP AirPrint especially printers released before 2010. Check whether your printer and Apple devices are connected in the same network or Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct should be supported by your Printer

If you use a Wireless Network connection, connect the apple device in a wireless network and disconnect the USB cable or Ethernet cable. Select Setup, Network or Wireless à Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the instructions that appear on the screen

If you use a HP Wireless direct connection setup, if you are connecting your Apple iOS device using Wi-Fi or HP Wireless direct connection, follow the below steps. Check whether the blue light next to Wi-Fi or HP Wireless direct  button or an Wi-Fi direct/HP Wireless direct icon displays on the printer control panel.Go to the control panel menu settings and press the Wi-Fi Direct/ HP Wireless direct button to search and touch Wi-Fi direct. Click Settings on your Apple iOS devices and tap Wi-Fi by choosing Wi-Fi. Select your printer under the Choose a network menu.


Setup the printer hardware and have a mobile Android device with OS 4.0 or above.

Connect your printer to a wireless or wired network with an active internet connection and you printer should be connected in the same network as your Android device It is recommended to keep the devices within the range of the printer.

Install the Mopria print service plugin from the Google play store. To turn on the service choose any one method.

If you are installing for the first time, swipe down the home screen to view the dash board. You will find the Mopria print service  installed.

Tap to enable the service plugin notification. If you are updating the service plugin, tap Settings , tap More, More networks, More settings, or NFC and sharing, and then tap Print or Printing. Tap the Mopria print service to tap it on.

123.hp.com/oj4620 – Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a service which will help you to print any files to your printer in a secured network. No special drivers or software from the HP website is needed. You just have to register to the Google’s cloud based printing service using the chrome browser.  This article is suitable for operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS and android Smart devices. Follow the below instructions to setup the google cloud print in your smart devices.

Using Android devices, switch on the computer and load the plain paper into the input tray and check whether ink cartridges is installed. Check whether the printer is connected to the same network as your Android device.  Download and install the Cloud print plugin from the Google play store in your Android device.

The installation will be successful and return to home screen. Click Settings. Type printing in the search field and click Printing. Click ON next to Cloud Print and switch off other print service plugins if necessary. Click Cloud Print and click the main menu. To add a print, ,select the Add Printer.

Any printers on the network will be detected by the plugin . If you want add printer click OK and confirm the registration on the control panel display. Follow the instructions on the print out page which has  instructions.

HP OfficeJet 4620 Ink Cartridge

HP OfficeJet 4620 Power Specification

Ink cartridge is one of the most imoportant accessories in the printer. The ink cartridge is available in both black and color ink cartridges. To know more about the ink cartridges, read the below article.

The power specification of the printer is very important to know about. Check the below given information and ensure that your printer is compatible with the power system in your country/region.

HP OfficeJet 4620 Printer Printing Specification

HP OfficeJet 4620 Printer Environmental Specification

The printing specification helps to become familiar with the print resolutions, duplexer method, device printer languages, print speeds

Before setting up your printer hardware and software, it is important to check with your surrounding environment.

123.hp.com/oj4620 – Printer Paper Handling Specification

123.hp.com/oj4620 – Printers System Requirements

To know about the correct paper types and sizes and overloading the printer. Some of the paper handling specifications are paper tray capacity, supported paper sizes, envelopes, photo paper, cards, labels, custom sizes

Check for the minimum and recommended system requirements for the Windows and Mac Operating systems. Review the following information about the system requirements of the HP OfficeJet 4620 printers.