123.hp.com/envy5642 - 123 HP Envy 5642 setup

In an effort to set up your brand new HP Envy 5642 Printer , the printer device must be unboxed from the shipped package together with other peripherals and the entire container should be emptied. Then you should attempt to properly connect the power cable and the control panel preferences must be set according to requirements. Feed a bundle of paper into the input tray and plant the cartridges to complete the setup of your newly purchased printer. As a final setup, download the latest version of drivers from 123.hp.com/envy5642 and get it installed.


Step 1 : Unbox the HP Envy 5642 Printer from the package

  • Unbox the HP ENVY 5642 Printer from the container together with other packing materials including stickers and tapes and other cables/accessories. Refer to the package label for a list of components inside the package.
  • Lift the Printer from the box and put it aside on a table.
  • Peel off all the stickers/tapes from the surface of the printer with caution.
  • The packing tapes on the sides of the Scanner glass must be peeled off by lifting the Scanner lid.
  • Shut the Scanner lid after removing the tapes.
  • Clutch the Printer handles on both sides to carefully hold the printer and lift the ink cartridge access door until it clicks and locks itself into a place. Peel off all the stickers/tapes inside the printer with caution.
  • Shut the Ink cartridge access door.
  • Open paper tray door and draw the paper input tray to the maximum extent to remove the tapes on the tray with ease.
  • Force the paper tray inside and shut the paper tray door.
  • The Packaging materials and tapes can be sent for recycling.

Step 2: Proceed to connect the Power cables and set Control Panel preferences.

The Printer must be plugged into an electrical power socket to switch on the printer. Preferences need to be set with the help of control panel. The Network connection using Ethernet/Wireless/USB must be avoided at this stage.

  • Pick up the power cable and connect one end of it to a power source and the remaining end to the power port in the rear of the printer.
  • Turn the device ON
  • Attempt to select the language on the control panel using the down arrow keys and press OK.
  • Set Country/Region Menu shows up on control panel. Select the country of residence from a list of countries using the down arrow buttons and then touch OK to confirm the selection.

Step 3 : Stack Paper into the Input Paper Tray

 Once the preferences are set , stack a bundle of paper of appropriate size into the input tray.
  • Open paper tray door and stretch the paper tray to the maximum extent away from the Printer.
  • Carefully pull the paper tray extender and try to raise the paper catch.
  • Extend the paper width guides and station them in their outmost position.
  • Stack a bundle of suitable size papers and nudge them gently into the paper tray keeping the short edge of the paper forward.
  • Move the Paper width guides to touch the sides of paper and force the paper tray inside to lock it firmly.

Step 4 : Planting the Ink cartridges – 123.hp.com/setup 5642

 The original HP Ink Cartridges supplied with the Printer Container Package needs to be installed next.
  • Clutch the Printer handles on both sides to carefully hold the printer and lift the ink cartridge access door until it clicks and locks itself into a place. The carriage auto slides into the access area.
  • Hold for a moment until the carriage is fixed and quiet before you proceed with the next step.
  • Separate one of the ink cartridges from the cartridge package by watchfully touching only the black plastic on its surface and try to avoid touching copper-coloured surface or ink nozzle region which may cause ink clogs or faulty electrical connections.
  • Be gentle in peeling off the plastic tape from the surface of ink cartridge.
  • The Ink cartridge slot has a cap which needs to be softly lifted.
  • Gently pick up and hold the cartridge on its sides with nozzle facing the printer and push it into the slot until it gets slotted.
  • Shut the cap of the ink cartridge to ensure the ink cartridge is fixed and safe.
  • Iterate the above steps to plant all the ink cartridges into the open slots.
  • Shut the access door of the ink cartridge slot region.
  • The ink cartridge alignment needs to be verified with the help of control panel instructions. The Printer detects the newly installed ink cartridges and auto prints an alignment page.

The Printer may not initiate an alignment page print for unexplained reasons some times.  In such cases, follow the simple instructions detailed below.

  • Use the Down Arrow keys on the Control Panel Display to scroll and locate Tools. Find Tools and press OK.
  • Re-engage the Down arrow Keys again to locate Align Printer by scrolling and touching OK.
  • This command triggers the printer to print an Alignment Page.

Step 5 : Alignment of Ink Cartridges.

 Before engaging in printing daily documents, the ink cartridge alignment should be checked and verified to enhance the print quality of all documents.
  • Pull out the Alignment Print Page and place it on the Scanner glass with the print side touching the glass. Exercise care over the placement of paper within the marked borders of the scanner glass.
  • Shut the Scanner lid fully and then press OK
  • The above actions triggers the printer to auto align the ink cartridges.

Step 6 : Download and install HP Envy 5642 Printer Software

The Printer Hardware is now setup and ready to function. Go on and install the latest printer software but ensure the printer is not connected to a computer unless or otherwise you find specific instructions asking to do so.

The Latest Printers software versions are available for download at 123.hp.com/ENVY5642.

Setting up and connecting your Printer through USB (Windows Computers)

Windows based Desktop/Laptop computers can be connected to your HP Printer via USB connection modes and setup for Prints. Confirm if you already have the latest and full feature HP drivers installed to enjoy all supported features from the USB linked printer.Our troubleshooting instructions direct you through a sequence of steps to solve all the printer-related issues.

The Full Feature Printer Software/Drivers can be found at 123.hp.com/envy5642 or in HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads.Hp ePrint

Step 1 : Prepare the Hardware and Setup the HP Envy 5642 Printer

 The initial step in setting up your Printer for USB connection is to take stock of all necessary requirements and delete older printer software from Windows OS before proceeding further.

Make a Checklist and take stock of all these necessary requirements before commencing to start the setup.

  • Ensure the Printer is ON and in ready mode.
  • Find an USB Cable with a length of not more than 3m (9 ft 10).
  • Make use of the USB port present in your computer instead of an USB Hub or docking station which might not supply sufficient power for the printer to operate.
  • Keep in mind that installation of HP drivers should precede the USB cable connection between the computer and the printer. If you had connected the USB cable by mistake, please execute the following steps to get rid of the printer from the installed devices window to conduct and successfully setup. Please jump to next step if otherwise.
    • Disconnect the USB Cable between the Computer/Laptop and the Printer and never attempt to reconnect until when specifically prompted during the installation of drivers.
    • Look for ‘Devices’ on the Windows by searching for it and then point to Devices and Printers that is featured in the Control Panel Settings.
    • Locate your Printer icon and then right click and again click ‘Remove Device’ . Investigate if there are other copies of your printer which should be removed as well.
    • Click the close button to close the ‘Devices and Printers’window.

Step 2 : Completion of Connection Setup through Driver Installation

 Go ahead and locate the most updated and recent print driver version from HP website and download it. Install the downloaded Printer software to finish the connection setup.
  • Type the URL hp.com to visit the HP website. Provide your Printer model information and get guided by the on-screen instructions to end the driver download. HP Easy Start is guided driver installer which will auto download provided your printer model needs it.
  • The Driver or HP Easy start may begin to download. If so, please open the download file to commence the setup process. Connection Type should be chosen as USB during the pop up of a prompt. If this process is successful, the remaining steps can be skipped.

In circumstances where the drivers download fails or the printer not listed in 123.hp.com/envy5642, read the below steps and execute it to conclude the driver installation.

  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup 5642and then provide the printer model information and also confirm the OS Version in the website.
  • Locate a caption named Driver- Product Installation Software and then click download. You may be prompted to use the guided HP Download and Install Assistant if you prefer. Other option is to click on Download only to save it for running the executable file later.
  • Connection Type should be chosen as USB during the pop up of a prompt when the installer runs the driver file. This completes the setup.
  • Choose to print, scan or fax based on the functionality of your HP Envy Printer

Setting up and connecting HP Envy 5642 Printer through Wireless connection (Windows)

The Wireless Setup of a HP Printer over a Wi-Fi network can be brought about by initiating a connection from the printer to the wireless network followed by print driver installation which will be available for download from HP Website if you do not have it at your disposal. Please remember to choose connection type as Wireless during the process of setup.

Step 1 : Prepare the Hardware for HP Envy 5642 Wireless Setup

  • Prior to the Printer being setup on the wireless network, collect the network name and corresponding password. All the necessary devices including Router, Laptop and Printer must be powered up.

Collect and keep the following items ready :

  1. Network Name : The Network Name which is also called as SSID
  2. Network Password : WEP Key or WPA Security Passphrase acts as the password.
  3. A wireless connected computer.
  4. Internet Access : HP suggests using a broadband internet connection such as DSL or cable broadband for faster and reliable data transfer for downloading drivers and software, dealing with HP Web Services and for receiving frequent updates for the printer.
  • Switch on the Printer and your laptop. The Laptop and the Printer should share the same wireless network and also check the wireless range and connection strength while setting it up.
  • Ensure no wired connections are in place such as Wireless or Ethernet.

Step 2 : Link the HP Envy 5642 Printer to a Wireless Network

  • HP presents to you ‘The Wireless Setup Wizard’ which automates the way you setup , monitor and manage wireless connection.
  • Spot the Wireless icon seen on the control panel of HP ENVY 5642 Printer and touch the button adjacent to Settings.
  • The Down Arrow Keys will help you to locate Wireless Setup Wizard and touch OK. The Wizard will populate all available networks in the range.
    • Use the same Down Arrow keys to scroll down and find your Network Name and touch OK on the control panel screen. Manually enter the Network Name if your network is absent in the list.
  • Use the Down Arrow Keys to spot Enter New Network Name and then touch OK.
  • Use the Down Arrow Keys to get to the On-Screen Keyboard to enter the letters and numbers as it is failing which the connection may be unsuccessful.
  • After entering the Network Name, press Done and then OK. The Printer tries to establish a connection with your network.
  • Please enter the WEP Key or WPA Key in the password box.
  • Use the Down Arrow Keys to get to the On-Screen Keyboard to enter the letters and numbers as it is failing which the connection may be unsuccessful.
  • After entering the WPA or WEP key, press Done and then OK to authorize the connection. The Printer tries to establish a connection with your network.

Step 3 : Install the HP Envy 5642 Printer Driver.

 Check if you have the full feature updated software or make a point to download it from the 123.hp.com/envy5642

Note : Some of the printers may be enabled with an Auto Wireless Connect option that helps to automatically connect during the installation process . If not available, go by the steps in the HP Installer Software to carry out the connection and installation problems Printer Driver.

  • Visit the HP Support site with the URL 123.hp.com/envy5642
  • Type in the Model Number of your Printer and click Begin.
  • Proceed to click on Download button and then either save it by clicking on Open or Save or execute it by clicking on Run.
  • The software needs to be run to commence the installation process by double-clicking the saved driver file which can be found in Downloads folder or browser downloads bar.
  • The automatic installer will guide you through a sequence of instructions to finish the connection setup and driver installation process.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/envy5642 to register and activate the printer.