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Unable to enable the Scanner or Scan from the Printer (MacOS Sierra)

This is the printer troubleshooting document for users who have HP printers and use a Mac computer with the MacOS Sierra.
When you try to scan with the scan button on the printer control panel, or when trying to enable the scanner from the Mac with MacOS Sierra 10.12, you may come across any one of the following error messages displays:

  • “Scan to the computer cannot be enabled.”
  • “Connection Required: Selected computer is not available”
  • “Waiting for scanner”.For regular updates and the installation process 123.hp.com/setup 1510

Step 1: Try a scan using the HP Easy Scan or Apple Image Capture

You can try printing from your apps by using any one of the following apps to ensure that the communication between the printer and the Mac is functioning the right way.

1 .HP Easy Scan app – 123.hp.com/setup 1510



This is a free software app that is built to support most scan functions for the HP All-in-One printer and supports Mac computer users who use MacOS Sierra.

How to get it:

Visit the HP Easy Scan app page on the Mac App Store.


You’d require a Scan driver to be installed on the Mac, either the one from the HP or Apple website or through the Apple Software Update. For Step by step instructions and solution for all the issues visit 123.hp.com/dj1510

         2. Apple Image Capture

  1. Description:

This is a free software built into the MacOS Sierra by Apple to support in any basic Scanning functions and is compatible with the HP All-in-one printers and Mac computers with MacOS Sierra.

How to get it:

  • This is an app that is inbuilt and comes with the MacOS Sierra OS. Insights about the connectivity and its types 123.hp.com/dj1510

  • Requirements:

    You would require a Scan driver installed on the Mac computers. You can do this either through the HP or Apple website or through the Apple Software Update application.
    Now try to scan.
    If you still notice that the scanning issue persists, then continue onto the next step.

Step 2: Installing the latest print driver for MacOS Sierra

  • You might need to update your HP printer drivers to help fix the scanning issues.
    Visit the website 123.hp.com/dj1510 , and enter your printer model name and number as Deskjet 1510 and then follow the instructions displayed on the website to help you install the driver.
  • If your printer model is not listed on the 123.hp.com/setup 1510 website, then you can use the HP Easy Start application to help install the driver.

Now try to scan.
If you still notice that the scanning issue still persists, then continue onto the next step. For guidance and support 123.hp.com/dj1510

Step 3: Running the Apple Software Update

You can use the Apple Software Update to install any Apple and HP updates that might include the scan driver updates.
First select the Apple menu, and then select the About this Mac, select Software Update, select any available updates, then select Update All.

Note:  There might be a need to refresh the page to ensure that you can view the latest updates. Select the Store option on the top menu bar, then select the Reload Page to update the list. If you do not see any updates appear, then your Mac computer is up to date.

123 HP Deskjet 1510 Wireless Printers - 123.hp.com/setup 1510

HP Wireless Printers – Not able to Print over a Host or Guest Network

The following instructions are for HP wireless printers attempting to connect to a guest or host network. Guest or host networks (for instance networks found in flats, coffee shops, schools, or hotels) prevent printing by having additional security features. Follow the given wireless printing options, if you have a need to connect to your printer wirelessly in a locality using a guest or host network. If you require to connect to your printer wirelessly in a locality using guest or host network, follow the given wireless printing options to print. To make the setup and the installation process 123.hp.com/dj1510


Print with HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct from a computer

HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct are functions that grant the printer to be a wireless access point.
Go to Printing with Wi-Fi Direct or Printing with HP Wireless Direct for more information.
NOTE:  While you use HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct in an area which is accessible to all, you must ensure you have a password-protection enabled on the printer. This helps in stopping others to connect or print to your printer.

Print using Mopria on an Android mobile device

Mopria is a mobile printing standard that helps you to print from applications to Mopria-certified HP printers from your Android mobile device.Knowledge about the network connectivity  123.hp.com/dj1510
You have to ensure that Wi-Fi Direct is switched on from an Android mobile device.
Ensure the following items are present, before you can print wirelessly from your mobile device:

  • A Mopria-certified wireless printer
  • An Android device running version 4.4 or later

Go to Printing With the Mopria Print Service for more information.


Print using AirPrint from an Apple mobile device

You should ensure that Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct is switched on for printing from a mobile device.
The following items must be present before you can print wirelessly from your mobile device:

  • An AirPrint-compatible wireless printer
  • An Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Macbook)

Go to Wireless Printing with Apple’s AirPrint for more information. For Step by step instructions and solution for all the issues 123.hp.com/dj1510

NFC touch-to-print is a feature that is present on a few HP printers that allows you to print wireless from mobile devices that support Near field communication (NFC) and HP NFC printing standards. The HP ePrint mobile app (versions 2.5 and later) for Android supports NFC touch-to-print.

  1. First, you must ensure that your mobile device supports NFC. Search for the NFC icon on the device, underneath the back cover, or close to the battery.
  2. Download the HP ePrint app from the Google Play Store, if it has not previously been installed.
  3. On your mobile device, click on the HP ePrint mobile app.
  4. Based on the type of data you want to print, click Photos, File, or Web, and then click on the item you wish to print.
  5. On the face of the printer, find the NFC touch zone, shown by the NFC icon
  6. Now bring your mobile phone’s touch zone directly over the NFC touch zone until you notice your HP printer appear in the HP ePrint window, and then select Print with a tap.

The printer will now start printing documents, pages or webpages successfully.